Case Study St. Tropez Tans


As the Creative Director of this campaign I focused on delivering as many evergreen assets as possible from a single production.   

For this St. Tropez Tans campaign shot in London I created assets for a client run 12-month ad campaign. Out of a single day highly optimized 6-figure production, the client had enough assets to run ads for the year. The marketing team only needed to re-up when their new product line launched, and even then were able to utilize a lot of the previous evergreen assets for their newer campaigns. The spots were optimized for top social platforms at the time, tv, and billboards.

 St. Tropez received a mix of over 100 assets from an efficient production, optimized to be evergreen. Assets included product shots, real user testimonials, demonstrations, stylized before/afters, and thumbstoppy shorts.

 These assets were used across dozens of campaigns for the next couple years including TVC ads, paid social, billboard, and print.




Delivering Everygreen assets where the final end product is unclear requires a much different creative approach then gathering content for a singular campaign does. It requires a level of organization and focus on the bigger picture.




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