Case Study Hyundai x BuzzFeed


My role as the Lead Supervising Producer of the Hyundai x BuzzFeed campaign, was ensuring that this complex and costly multi million $$ budget series delivered.

Excerpt from Agency Shorty Awards Blurb: 

The Hyundai team partnered with BuzzFeed to launch “Young Entrepreneurs,” a five-part docu-series and program highlighting organizations around the United States that have found innovative ways to make big changes in their communities. The goal was to inspire the audience to be proactive and get involved in their own community-building passion projects, while underlining Hyundai’s universal message of “Making Things Better.” Each documentary subject in the series received a donation of a Hyundai electric vehicle to use for their business on and off camera.  

There were 17 Total Videos in this series from 2017 - 2021. The first video in this series under my supervision, Imperfect Foods, garnered nearly half of the total clicks in the series’ 4 year run as well as a 26% Increase in views YoY. Overall fan growth on Hyundai pages during the campaign was 23% greater than the prior mirrored period. Facebook had the largest gains, seeing their growth increase 72%. 

 The series was a regular shorty award nominee under the category of branded series and Social Good Capmaign. 

Page views increased by 26% YoY

72% growth on FaceBook




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